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Listening to your publishing and editorial needs is our mission. First of all, a warm welcome to our authors. They are the reason to be for our publishing house based in Asia, but open to the rest of the world. Secondly, a comparable welcome to our clients: companies, individuals, brands, NGO’s…

Our Editorial Offer

Authors, companies, NGO's, individuals... Tell us what you need

Our graphic and editorial team, based in Bangkok, Paris, Manila and Athens, is at your disposal to help you publish the best possible books, reviews, catalogues and booklets. On the digital front, our experts will be helping you enhancing your reputation, standard and visibility. Contact us !

News Horizons

Asieinfo has its roots in the East. But for us, all adventures are good to tell and publish. In Africa, we dream of promoting sustainable and green tourism. In Europe, we dream of reinventing this fascinating continent. Always a step further. Truly Yours !

Understanding the people

A special spot here to present a book collection dear to our hearts. Published by Nevicata Publishing house based in Brussels « L’ame des peuples» tells the tale of countries, cities and regions. Write to us if you are interested and we will forward them your proposals

An Asian Tale

Asia is the genetic footprint of our modest publishing house launched in Thailand to tell the emergence of South East Asia, and of the Mekong region. Adventure, essays, novels , tourism guidebooks… We bring the East closer to your daily life.

Other Continents

Africa, Oceania, South America… Asieinfopublishing is onboard. Isn’t it the time for Asia to demonstrate that it is the new centre of the world ?

Listening to witnesses

So many things to tell. So many things to explain. So many experiences to share. So many challenges to overcome. So much archives to rediscover. Help us discover your new horizons. Our books will be your story tellers.

A human touch

We have, so far, published only several books. But we feel certain of our capacity to tear down the walls of ignorance. How to tell the world differently ? Let us speak and exchange about it !